I paused to finally do the math for the next possible six years of disposable training pants. 

By the time Aaron was seven, he was beyond the largest size category for commonly found diapers like Huggies, Kirklands Best or Pampers.  I did stumble upon the Goodnites brand which is a good disposable training pant for night time bedwetting.

He didn’t react well at times to something in the Goodnites bedtime pant which would make his skin red where the colored elastic fits across the hip bone.  It might have been the friction of the elastic stretching across the skin that was irritated him. But the diaper itself was very absorbent and easy to get on and off.

We were going through about 40- 60 of those Goodnites a month!

going to the store
Would we ever be able to cross diapers off of our grocery list?

Because Aaron would generally fill the training pant twice a night, we would go through two Goodnites each night, which greatly increased our household waste.

So that meant….

If Aaron continued bedwetting until he was 13, like my friend’s husband had growing up, this was the math for the next six growing years…


So I was looking at a potential expenditure of 6 more years of disposable diapers estimated at $4088.

And this did not include what I had already spent in the first 7 years!

These were the calculations that made me realize that even if I spent money on cloth diapers that weren’t what I needed, eventually I would find what we did need and undoubtedly we would still be saving thousands of dollars with a cloth pant and creating less waste.

So then I made my first cloth diaper purchase.

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