Those first days with cloth diapers.

Once I got started using cloth diapers, I did go through a period of feeling a little regretful that I had held off for so long.  I mean really seven years!  But if I do that kind of backward-looking reflection too much, I will miss out on the joy of making the right choice at last.

And that is how I felt, sort of savvy and right with the world.  I was no longer picking up big, bulky packages of diapers only to later escort them engorged and heavy back out of the house in the form of needless trash to be buried in a local landfill.  Score one for team Mother Earth.  Nor, was I forking over the big bucks to keep that system all in place.  A point for us!

The training pants made a circle from my son, to the washer, out onto the line. They were trapped at our address, never to visit a bin or a dump.

It felt independent and complete.

Baby clothes hanging on the clothesline

Making the new daily routine work.

True, there was more steps to take at home to make that all work, but I could do it and it wasn’t excessive.  I do have a really great washing machine and I would run the pants inside out on a rinse load first, especially if I wasn’t going to get around to washing them for awhile.  Then later, I would come back and wash them on a short cycle with a small amount of detergent, vinegar and baking soda.

A few hours later of hanging up inside the house or out, they were ready to go again.  I fell rather easily into this routine and if I ever forgot one morning, I’d later play what’s that smell game for about a minute and then remember what I had forgotten to do.

But even on those days when I couldn’t get all the steps right, I felt that our stumbles were just part of this better chapter in diapering for hopeful beginners.  And yes, after seven years, I was beginning again and it felt great.

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