About Us

About Us

I am Kelly, the mom of Aaron* an eleven year old boy who wet the bed for ten years.  He wishes for both our identities to remain anonymous.  And I get that.  If I were his age or if this blog was about my bedwetting, I would not want my name or photo splashed around the Internet attached to the words older child and bedwetter.

But fortunately, Aaron has agreed to share our family’s experiences with other folks regarding bedwetting, if nobody knows that it is us sharing them.  I am thankful that we can do that. It is difficult to get firsthand information about bedwetting due to the embarrassment and fear of ridicule by other kids and adults who don’t understand the issue.

We have been there! It took us a long time to mutually share that Aaron and his best friend had the same issue despite our families having been close friends since they were babies. It was such a relief to learn that we were not alone!

There is a lack of information and advice being shared about an older child bedwetting in social circles, and so I think there is a need for a website where families can exchange ideas and knowledge about how to get through these bedwetting years confidently, ecologically and economically.

Yes, it can be done.  And with a few changes, tips and strategies your family will successfully make it through these bedwetting years knowing that you made sound choices and most importantly: your children felt loved and accepted just as they are.

More about us

I am a full time stay at home mom who loves to travel and live abroad.  Aaron has grown up mostly in the United States, but we moved in 2013 to live full time in Nicaragua, Central America.  Here, Aaron is enrolled in a bilingual school and making friends from all over the world.  Before this year, we homeschooled until 5th grade.

So we have been hanging out together learning and travelling for more than a decade and I have a lot of thoughts about how to handle issues of bedwetting at home and away. Despite the potential embarrassment of accidents, we traveled all over the world making it work and while still trying to maintain the goal of being ecological wherever we wandered.

For now, I have a few moments in the day for myself where I can finally get some of these experiences that we have had uploaded to share with the world.  I really do hope that someone can benefit from knowing that we are going through all of these trials together.

Thank you for visiting The Bedwetting Years, today.  You are so welcome here!   Feel free to comment, share and ask your questions about bedwetting, survival strategies and cloth diapers.  I truly believe that we will all benefit from your presence and participation.

*Aaron is a substitute name for my son.

Beautiful Nicaragua, the backdrop to all that we do.

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