So then I made my first cloth diaper purchases!

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper vs. Mother Ease Bedwetter Training Pants.

Fuzzibunz’s snap closure system was adjustable, but not ideal for Aaron to unsnap and snap on the odd trip to the bathroom.

I first tried the FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper in large ($16.95 each), which was designed to fit kids 25-40 lbs. (this option now discontinued).  I also needed to buy microfiber inserts ($9.99 for a set of three) that fit into a special pouch inside the diaper.

The diaper itself was really just a shell to hold the microfiber inserts in place.  I found that the microfiber inserts really did absorb and the diaper rarely leaked, but having to remove the inserts every time we washed the diaper felt like extra work for me.

The shell has adjustable snaps but unsnapping and snapping them back on wasn’t something that Aaron could have done on his own in the middle of the night, if he wanted to get up to go to the bathroom.  These kinds of systems assemble best when the child is laying down to snap them properly into place. ***

Aaron outgrew this system in one year!  The snaps at their fullest extension were too snug around his waist which is very slender.  Even though we were moving on to another size and system, we saved about $500 that year by purchasing a few sets of FuzziBunz and avoiding the disposable Goodnites.

So then the next year, splitting at the seams, I was forced into into my second cloth diaper purchase and was more thrilled with the results.

training pants bedwetter bedwetting mother ease cloth diaper
A thick microfiber inner layer absorbs 21 ounces of liquid contained by a waterproof outer layer. (Wash it inside out)

I bought the Mother Ease Bedwetter Training Pants in small for kids 40-55 lbs ($29.95).  I noticed that they had very good reviews on Amazon for their super absorbency, which was important to me now that Aaron was getting older and producing more liquids at night.

I liked that this pant was an all-in-one and there would be no more inserts to have to assemble daily.  Any unnecessary step eliminated in the daily routine is appreciated in my house.

The training pants look and feel versus diaper.

But even more importantly, Aaron was happy that they looked more like underwear and he could put them on and take them off as easily as underwear, whether he was getting ready for sleep or if woke up to use the bathroom.

The final test of course was if they absorbed all the liquid and prevented leaks onto pajamas and bedding.  And they did!  They lived up to their reviews completely.  When you actually see the pant on your child you’ll know why.  There is an enormous amount of padding in the training pant that might have you ordering up one size in pajamas to accommodate.  But it works.

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I paused to finally do the math for the next possible six years of disposable training pants. 

By the time Aaron was seven, he was beyond the largest size category for commonly found diapers like Huggies, Kirklands Best or Pampers.  I did stumble upon the Goodnites brand which is a good disposable training pant for night time bedwetting.

He didn’t react well at times to something in the Goodnites bedtime pant which would make his skin red where the colored elastic fits across the hip bone.  It might have been the friction of the elastic stretching across the skin that was irritated him. But the diaper itself was very absorbent and easy to get on and off.

We were going through about 40- 60 of those Goodnites a month!

going to the store
Would we ever be able to cross diapers off of our grocery list?

Because Aaron would generally fill the training pant twice a night, we would go through two Goodnites each night, which greatly increased our household waste.

So that meant….

If Aaron continued bedwetting until he was 13, like my friend’s husband had growing up, this was the math for the next six growing years…


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